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Born on a belief in fitness and a passion for our community, a few families got together in 2013 with a vision to change lives.


The beginning


When we started our goal was to truly help people of all ages, not only reach their fitness goals, but to help them become the best version of themselves.  We took a small little 600s/f facility and started Coastline Strength & Conditioning, Inc..  Realizing that functional fitness was our vehicle to empower people to change, we began offering group class for adults.  Coming from athletic backgrounds, we understood the physical benefits of strength training, mobility and proper recovery, but as we ourselves got older, we realized the impact it had on our mental and emotional health.  As we immersed ourselves in the world of functional fitness, testing, succeeding, failing and learning, this little passion project turned into a thriving 5000s/f facility that has helped hundreds of people in our community.

I am a Certified Athletic Trainer at a University and was impressed with the emphasis on technique, mobility, and injury modifications that Garth offered to his clients. He was very attentive, encouraging and genuine! It’s very evident that the coaches are passionate about what they do! I would highly recommend Obsidian to anyone who values a quality workout, quality facility, and quality people at the gym!
— Jill R., Davis California


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With the success we achieved working with the adults in our community, we decided to take the next step toward fulfilling our goal of truly helping people of all ages.  So in 2014 we opened Coastline Youth Development, Inc., a non-profit poised to make a difference in the lives of each and every child that walked through our door.  We did this by offering all of our programs at either subsidized rates or free for those who qualified.  Starting with just a handful of kids, we focused on teaching proper technique, working on speed, agility and most important character.  We sought the help of friends and colleagues at Stanford and Cal Poly, to make sure we were on the right track.  As word got out, and the program started to grow, success followed not only on the field but in the classroom as well.  Since its inception we have produced 12 Honors graduates, 1 Valedictorian, 1 National Hispanic Scholarship winner, 19 college athletes, 2 Junior National Olympic weightlifters and 1 NFL prospect.  The most amazing part of that, those are just a few of the kids that we have had the privileg of working with. 

Coastline Youth Development has helped me in many different aspects of sports. It has absolutely helped me physically with the workouts and conditioning. Having a head start, knowing what it is going to take to perform at the next level, what coaches will expect from myself was a big help that I am very thankful for. Aside from physical help, Coastline has helped me mentally. Always pushing me to perform my best and demand of myself just as much, or even more, than what others will expect of me. Knowing I have supporters in my home town makes being away a lot easier and also gives me something to work for. Seeing how much time the coaches at Coastline put into helping others become better athletes, as well as becoming better people is an inspiration to my peers and I. I know each and every athlete to have come in contact with Coastline is unbelievably thankful for the opportunity to get better at their respected sport.

- Elijah Holt, Defensive Back Southern Utah Thunderbirds


In 2017 with both businesses firing on all cylinders, something else started to happen organically.  A bond was being built between the youth and the adults at our gym.  A mutual admiration that was based on work-ethic and dedication to leading a healthy life style through fitness.  Gym members were supporting CYD athletes by going to sporting events, sponsoring teams and providing summer jobs.  The kids were showing up and supporting CSC members at fitness competitions, seeking knowledge and providing the adult athletes with a spark of youth that many had forgotten.  This energy lead us to explore how a group, a "Community" of like minded people, both young and old, could impact the area we live in, share and love.  What if a love for fitness could be a catalyst for living healthy while supporting the development of youth athletics.

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So in 2018 we brought it under one roof, with one goal, empower people of all ages through functional fitness and philanthropy, creating a healthier future for all.  To keep with our purpose, membership fees collected at Coastline will be used to financially support the practical applications of strength and conditioning programs at Arroyo Grande High School.